McU Sports Unit Concludes Six-Week Staff Fitness Program With Medical Tests

Blood-Sugar test, facilitated the Directorate of Sports.....

The Sugar Regulation (SURE) fitness program embarked upon by the Sports Unit of McPherson University for staff of the institution came to a cheerful conclusion on Thursday morning with body sugar level checks.

The SURE fitness program, which began in April and lasted for six weeks, was a collaboration between the Sports Unit and the University Health Centre, with further support from COMPANY A and COMPANY B on the provision of AccuCheck monitor and medical test strips to ensure seamless staff engagement during the tests.

Medical personnel from the Health Centre, led by the trio of Dr. Clement Uwaichi, Mrs. Jokotade Agunbiade and Mrs. Adeola Odebunmi determined the sugar level of staff at the start of the program before this latest round, to ascertain effects of the grueling fitness sessions targeted at reducing effects of sugar intake on the body.

The Institution’s fitness coach, Mr. Anthony Bubu, had led fitness sessions targeted at reducing potentially unhealthy sugar levels in the body for four weeks. Mr. Bubu put participants through various exercise routines that, according to him, are proven to help individuals on their journey to normal sugar levels.
“The specific exercise routines that were demonstrated in this fitness program were not made up along the way,” the fitness expert started. “They are a set of exercises that have been proven to aid sugar level reduction over the years and backed up by scientific research.”

The National Institute of Sports (NIS) certified coach however warned that while six weeks is not enough to reduce sugar level in all individuals, continuous practice and proper food options are key.
“My advice is that people should continue these exercises at home. They are not only good for sugar reduction but also aid general body wellness. In addition, there is need for us to watch the food we eat and how well we use the body after feeding. These are also major factors that will allow the fitness routines have their proper effect.”

In his own remark, the Sports Coordinator thanked the University Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Francis Igbasan,, and the University Management, for prioritizing staff welfare, while also appreciating the University community for their cooperation while the program lasted.

“Profound gratitude goes to God Almighty, and I appreciate the unwavering support of our amiable Vice-Chancellor and his management team towards the success of this program which is a part of his proper staff welfare efforts. I also appreciate the Health Centre, Sport Unit volunteers, and also thank the University community who should expect more because wellness is a priority in the Sports Unit.”