Academic Calendar


                                                  FIRST SEMESTER
Resumption                  (Arrival of Fresh Students on Campus)Monday, 9th October, 2023 
Registration/Orientation for Fresh StudentsMonday, 9th – Friday, 13th October, 2023  1 Week
Resumption of Part-Time StudentsFriday, 13th October, 2023
Resumption of Returning UndergraduatesMonday, 16th October, 2023  16 Weeks (Includes Christmas & Convention Break)
Commencement of Lectures for all studentsMonday, 16th October, 2023
Christmas Break (2 Weeks)Friday, 22nd December, 2023 – Friday, 5th January, 2024
Resumption from Christmas BreakMonday 8th January, 2024
End of Lectures for Returning StudentsFriday, 2nd February, 2024
Revision WeekMonday, 5th– Friday, 9th February, 2024  1 Week
MatriculationFriday, 9th February, 2024 
First Semester Examinations (All Students)Monday, 12th February – Friday, 23rd February, 20242 Weeks
ConvocationMonday, 26th – Wednesday, 28th February, 2024      2 Weeks
Processing of First Semester ResultsMonday, 26th February – Friday, 8th March, 2024
Senate Business Committee MeetingMonday, 11th – Wednesday, 13th March, 20241 Week
Consideration of First Semester ResultsThursday, 14th March, 2024
End of SemesterFriday, 15th March, 2024
23 Weeks
                                              SECOND SEMESTER
ArrivalMonday, 18th March, 202414 Weeks
Commencement of LecturesMonday, 18th March, 2024
End of LecturesFriday, 21st June, 2024
Revision WeekMonday, 24th – Friday, 28th June, 20241 Week
Second Semester ExaminationsMonday, 1st – Friday, 12th July, 20242 Weeks
Processing of Examination ResultsMonday, 15th – Friday, 19th July, 20241 Week
Senate Business Committee MeetingMonday, 22nd – Wed., 24th July, 20241 Week
Consideration of Results by SenateThursday, 25th July, 2024
End of SemesterFriday, 26th July, 2024 
19 Weeks