Academic Transfer

  • Transfer to a New Programme

Any student asked to withdraw from programme shall be allowed to transfer to another degree programme, provided he has the minimum requirement to be admitted into that programme.

Whichever level a student transfer to, (usually 200 Level) it shall be assumed that he/she is starting a new degree programme afresh and all his past records (except those of the 100 level which are common to all degree programmes) will not count in the computation of his degree classification though they will appear in the academic transcripts for complete records.

  • Transfer of Students from other Universities

Students from other universities who wish to transfer to McPherson University, Seriki Sotayo:

i. Must apply for the appropriate transfer form and pay the prescribed fees.

ii. Complete the forms and send them along with his/her academic transcripts and confidential report from the Registrar of his/her university to the Registrar McPherson University, Seriki Sotayo; within the stipulated time allowed before  the admission exercise

iii. May be conditionally admitted into any of the levels but in any case not higher than 200L in the degree programme.