Rules Guiding Examination Conduct


  1. The organization of invigilation shall be the responsibility of the Examination and Time-
    Table Committee. They shall select suitable examination halls and draw up a list of
    invigilators from members of staff of each College at least a week before the
    commencement of examinations.
  2. There shall be a Chief Invigilator for each examination session comprising a listed
    number of papers.
  3. There shall be in each hall, two invigilators for the first fifty candidates or less and one
    additional invigilator for every 100 candidates or part thereof.
  4. All invigilators shall be at the examination hall at least thirty minutes before the
    commencement of examination with all the examination question papers and answer
  5. For each examination, the examiners of the respective papers shall be present at the
    examination hall for the first thirty minutes to address all matters that may arise and should
    submit a written situation report to the Chief Invigilator, when necessary
    6.Invigilators shall inspect the halls and the candidates before they are seated for the
    examinations to ensure that no student has on him/her any unauthorised material.


  1. Candidates shall be admitted into the examination hall only on the production of valid
    University Identity Cards and valid examination Cards.
  2. Candidates shall ensure that they acquaint themselves with and adhere strictly to the
    instructions governing examinations in the University, including those printed on the front
    cover of the examination answer booklets.
  3. Candidates shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner and obey all the instructionsof
    the invigilators/examiners.
  4. No candidate shall engage in, or attempt any manner of examination malpractice(s).
  5. Candidates are advised to keep strictly to the sitting arrangements to avoid confusion. No
    candidate should, for any reason, remove chairs that have been arranged in the hall for
    examination purposes.
  6. Candidates are NOT ALLOWED to be in possession of GSM phones
    or equivalent handsets in the examination halls.
  7. Communication of any kind between candidates is strictly prohibited during the examinations.
    Any candidate caught giving or receiving irregular assistance shall face disciplinary
  8. Silence must be observed in the examination halls. The only permissible way of attracting the
    attention of the invigilator is for the candidate to raise his/her hand.
  9. The use of scrap papers is not permitted. Rough works must be done in the answer booklets,
    crossed neatly and submitted along with the answer booklets.
  10. Students shall not bring in papers including blotting papers into the examination halls.
    They should normally enter the examination hall only with pens, inks, pencils, erasers, rulers
    and other materials as approved by the University authority.
  11. Bags, books, lecture files and all other student’s properties must be left outside the
    examination halls
  12. Candidates offering mathematics and similar courses must bring their own mathematical
    or drawing instruments but WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BRING IN PERSONAL
  13. Candidates are to use their Matriculation Numbers for all examinations and NOT THEIR
  14. Candidates are not allowed to remove or mutilate any paper or material supplied by the
    University. Except for the question papers and any other material (e.g. school fees
    receipt,ID Cards, etc.) they may have legally brought into the examination hall; candidates
    are not t take any material out of examination halls.
  15. Candidates are required to sign the attendance register at the beginning of the examination
    and when submitting their answer scripts.


  1. Examination misconduct includes communicating with, or copying from scripts of other
    candidates or introducing unauthorised notes, etc. A candidate caught in any act of
    examination misconduct will be made to face disciplinary action.
  2. Candidate must wait outside the examination hall until they are checked in by an
  3. Candidates will not be allowed to come into the examination hall 30 minutes after the start
    of the examinations.
  4. Candidates CANNOT leave the examination hall earlier than an hour after the
    commencement of the examinations and should not leave during the last ten minutes of the
  5. At the end of the examination, candidate must remain seated until the invigilators have
    collected all the scripts. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that his/her script is
    handed over to the invigilator.
  6. Candidates must be quiet when entering or leaving examination hall and must not speak to anyone other than the invigilator. A candidate creating a scene or disturbing other candidates will be made to face disciplinary actions.
  7. A candidate leaving the examination hall and intending to return must be accompanied by
    a invigilator.
  8. Bags, briefcases, purses, wallet etc. should not be taken into examination halls.
  9. Candidates should not bring textbooks, notes or similar aids into the examination hall unless this has been specifically authorized for the examination paper concerned.
  10. Mobile telephones must not be brought into the examination halls. IPods, Ipads, Bluetooth facilities and Blackberry are not allowed in and within the examination halls.
  11. Candidates may use only non-programmable calculators in examinations. Use of any programmable calculator will be deemed as an examination misconduct and the candidate will face disciplinary actions.
  12. It is in candidate’s interest that handwritings are legible. Therefore only black, blue or blue-black ink pens should be used even where additional colours may be needed.
  13. All rough works must be done in the answer booklet(s) provided. Such work should be crossed out to distinguish it from answers to questions. It is an offence to remove any part of an answer booklet.
  14. No food or drink is permitted in the examination halls. Candidates may however drink water provided they do not disturb other candidates. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  15. Lost identity cards should be replaced before the examinations. Cases of loss of identity cards should be reported to the Students Affairs Unit early enough for replacement.
  16. Lost examination pass should be replaced before the examinations. Cases of loss of examination passes should be reported early enough to the ICT unit for replacement.
  17. No inscription, jottings or writings should be made on the examination passes.
  18. Photocopy versions of examination passes are not acceptable at the examination halls.
  19. Impersonation is an offence and serious examination misconduct. Culprits will face severe disciplinary actions.