McPherson University is a citadel where all students are champions!

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Seasoned Lecturers

Our students gain much more than a degree here. As well as the opportunity to learn new skills, you can take advantage of the excellent standards of teaching that McPherson University provides.

Trusted Certifications

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. At McPherson University, we give the best in facilitating the following training and certifications/Vendors: Microsoft, ICAN, ATS, Cisco, Vmware and Oracle. We will set you on a course of a lifetime success.

24/7 Power Supply

McPherson University relies on the availability of a 132KVA/33KVA power substation in the environ and two 33KVA transformers within the University premises. Every single building in the University also has an Industrial high capacity generator attached. With this, uninterrupted power supply is enjoyable by McPherson University.

Internet and Security

McU is on a mega bandwidth broadband with proper maintenance and distribution. The security of lives and properties in the University premises is highly ensured.