ICTRMU – Information and Communication Technology Resource Management Unit

Computer and Communication Technologies are the essential tools for delivering good and oriented higher education. The ICT Unit is therefore the pivot in which most activities on University Campuses revolve. The centre monitors and manages the university information (staff/student records) and database along with McU operating systems administration, power infrastructure support, and supply of information to units/departments/faculties in desired formats

Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays a key role in driving economic growth by creating new income-generating opportunities, making the delivery of public services more effective, transparent and efficient; connecting them to the world economy and overall contributing to the social and economic transformation of the entire region.

The University has set up, as a matter of priority, a Computer Center that is well equipped to provide computing facilities to support teaching, research, consultancy and administrative activities for all Units in the Institution. Appropriate modern hardware and software as well as highly skilled personnel are being made available to the Center to enable it meet the diverse needs of its customers. The Center handles all activities relating to information and communication technology (ICT) of the University.